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08-02-2012, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
I really think that the Leafs still have something to say about the cap situation so you are right. If Burke wants to improve the Leafs he has top look at NYI, Aneheim or Pheonix.
Ottawa needs to deal for Luongo and wammo, Cup contender, that's to clarify to all the Ottawa fans who didn't see through what I laid out initially in the cap thread starter.

If you haven't read it go back and check it out and also see the web sight and do some research before you respond for your teams GM's needs.
It is bananas to think that cap dump players will be given actual value in trades. If I am correctly reading your point, you think that teams like PHX and NYI will need big money contracts to reach the floor.

Teams that have useless cap-dump players like Gomez and Komisarek (they do have hockey value but not enough to justify their caphits) won't get any value for them if they are traded to PHX or NYI because there aren't enough teams that will need such players to make a real market and teams like the Leafs, Habs, Rangers, etc will benefit by avoiding paying those players, so they will return future considerations or equivalently low picks. No team is going to get real assets in exchange for their cap dump, and before anybody thinks of suggesting that this kind of trade would be cap circumvention, Dallas did it last year with Eric Nystrom, who they got to reach the floor and gave only "future considerations" to Minnesota.

"If Burke wants to improve the Leafs" he won't be able to do it by trading Komisarek or any other cap dump player.

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