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04-25-2006, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Zebra
Hurt Derian Hatcher and then make him better, stronger, faster, like the 6 Million Dollar Man? That'd be sweet.
Although he already skates in slo-motion...
We need speed behind the blue-line (god I miss KJ). The Primeau of 2004 would win us the series, but any Primeau with a C on his chest, even on the 4th line, would be nice.

We only want Primeau back to make the team cohesive and a team again, it's a collection of really good players out there. We need smart physical hockey and for the great stone-pillar defensemen to hang back a bit because they're never going to outskate Buffalo's forwards. I'd put Sami on D maybe out of desperation.

I'm not sure how they cut down on these dumb penalties, because they seem to be awarded for sneezing. They playoffs are intense enough without 10 minutes of uninterrupted penalty killing, but that's a league-wide thing.

It can all be done though, but it probably starts with pyrotechnics from Peter the Great.
i dont understand what hatcher is doing wrong,yes hes slow but i think hes holding his own and doing a good job on the pk and throwing hits(besides the elbow call)

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