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08-03-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Ih8theislanders View Post
If/when I have a kid I always said I would start him here, . They pump out so many good players.

If your kid is just starting up though and you're not sure if he'll like it, I would absolutely look into him playing here.

I current play Midgets here because it's cheap as hell and they don't care if I miss games for my school team. A whole season is like $200, the rink is right off the Westside highway. Good people throughout the organization.
I'd love to send him to MFF but it is really too far away for us. They also just merged with CT Yankees so the future of that team is unknown. Lot of politics going on from what I have been hearing.

Wow I'm surprised I never heard of Riverbank? What league do they play in?

Right now I've been considering putting him to the Bayonne Rangers program or to Icehouse in Hackensack. Both supposedly do a great job with the youngsters.

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