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08-03-2012, 12:26 AM
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That's probably true. Education wise both countries are probably the same. From what I understand, Finns are taught English as a second language at the same level of education as Swedes are.

The difference comes from similarities of the language. Swedish is a Germanic language, the same as English. Meanwhile Finnish is its own type of language branching from the Eastern European Uralic family, and shares more similarities with the Baltic languages. I'm no linguist but I'd imagine this is why Swedes tend to be able to adopt English with more ease and less accent than Finns. You can get guys like Lidstrom and Lundqvist who speak perfect English with barely a trace of the accent. Finns usually seem to have a bit of a rougher time with it.

So while I'd imagine Big is right that English should have been well understood there, I'd say the prevalence of it spoken on a regular basis is probably a lot lower than in Sweden.

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