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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
First, full disclosure: occasional poster coming in peace. I'm one of those guys who show up on deadline day or the start of free agency, or during the winter meetings. Not a bandwagon jumper, and not a basher - I'm just more interested in the strategy of franchise building than I am in the day-to-day tactical decisions of running a ball club, so these are the times of year when ters's something more interesting for me to read about.

I've just read through 30-odd pages of debate about the team's approach/commitment to winning. It's great to see the passion on display from people (on both sides) who clearly love this team and want to see it succeed. And some of you really know your baseball, kudos.

Which I guess is why I'm surprised that the debate seems to have become so polarized - I guess that's the divisive nature of discourse and rhetoric these days.

I say surprised, because it seems painfully obvious to me that it takes great drafting/development, AND great trades, AND smart FA signings to build a perennial contender. All of them working in harmony to bring in the assets that will help you compete long term.

Antbopolous' approach appears to clearly reflect that each component of this process has its own time horizon. Drafting and developing takes the longest, so needs to be started first. Free Agents are (exceptions like Darvish notwithstanding) for established MLBers, do they can come later in the process. Trades can be for either kind of asset, so hopefully they are being considered throughout. This appears to be precisely what Anthopolous is doing.

More than that, he's refusing to throw his team's salary structure out of whack with extravagant signings of long-term deals, so he's made largely good decisions even on the moves he hasn't made.

I get that there's a window of opportunity with a couple of key veterans on this squad, and I think we're kidding ourselves if we suggest for a moment that Anthopolous is somehow less aware of that than we are. I am co didn't we will see some movement - both in trades and free agency - this winter and going forward to make a serious push in 2013. I was bitterly disappointed they disn't make a more serious bid for Darvish last year as that amounts to a young core asset that costs nothing but money - a lot of money, granted, but in salary terms not enough to throw out your structure. But I understand that they weren't convinced enough of his potential to e willing to pay the kind of upfront cost everyone else in baseball seemed to know it would take based on previous experience. But aside from that, I think Anthopolous has shown himself to be a shrewd judge of talent and a crafty negotiator - overall I have no difficulty seeing him making the right kinds of moves at the right times going forward to make this team a legit playoff team both in 2013 and going forward.
well said. the problem with Toronto fans and they're impatient and can't watch a rebuild be done properly. In 2-4 years when our youth become the future superstars, or stars, or above average serviceable mlb players, and we see better results than now, they'll be coming in drones, its just the years before and teasing people with the thought they could make a run this year. The Jays decent success mislead fans, they're not ready to compete and AA's moves at the deadline showed this.

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