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08-03-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by UnholyPrince View Post
Yea maybe. I think if our D-core pans out how management is expecting it, he won't have a spot.


I have a feeling Bystrom might be a longer term project, maybe not coming into the league until he's 22 or so. Which would coincide with the last year or two of Trevor's contract. If all 5 of the other spots are taken, I could see Daley being moved in the final year of his contract to make room for Bystrom in the top 6.

Or maybe Dillon/Oleksiak/Goose someone will be traded before then. Impossible to say 3-4 years down the line. Someone's going to get moved before Bystrom is NHL ready though I believe.

Nah Bystrom's definitely not a sure thing, didn't mean it like that. I was mostly agreeing with you about the logjam, and just saying I would see Trevor being moved if Bystrom actually becomes NHL ready. Assuming no other D-man is traded before then.
Ah, that makes more sense.

I'll just toss in my own take on the future D pairings:

Goligoski - Oleksiak

Oleksiak could end up being a Girardi type defenseman, or at the very least like Hal Gill. He's not gonna be paid to put up points, that's Goose's job (I see him rebounding and putting up ~40-45 points a season).

Nemeth - Larsen

Larsen seemed to play his best hockey with Fistric by his side. Nemeth, to me, is pretty much a bigger and better Fistric, one who won't look a spot out of place in the top 4. I think this pairing will end up as quite a dominant combo, with Larsen bringing out a bit of Nemeth's offense (nothing much, Daley's production at a max) while Nemeth brings out Larsen's physicality, which we saw when he was paired with Fistric.

Dillon - Bystrom/Klingberg

Same idea as the other two pairings. If I were setting the lineup, I'd have one offensive defender (Goose, Larsen, Bystrom) paired with a defensive defender (Oleksiak, Nemeth, Dillon (more of a two-way guy, though)), and I think that'd work out pretty well for the most part. On the PK, just put two of the defensive guys out, and vice versa on the PP.

In a perfect world, though, we trade Goligoski and Sinitsyn takes his place.

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