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08-03-2012, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by POPNDOUGH View Post
I'm gonna have to break out my Superchunk CD's. I honestly can't decide which I like more between No Pocky, and On the Mouth. Precision Auto, For Tension, Package Thief, New Low(up there with Slackmofo), and The Question is How Fast are some of my favorite 'chunk songs. Pocky's songs more consistently rock though I think.

I think I also prefer BtS's "Keep it like a Secret" to "Perfect From Now on". Hard to choose.

Some other album's I would have loved to have brought to the island would have been:

NOFX-"Punk in Drublic", Rancid - "Let's Go or ...and out come the wolves", Dropkick Murphys- "Do or Die", Less Than Jake- "Pezcore, or Losing Streak", Choking Victim- "No Gods, No Managers", Suicidal Tendencies -"Lights Camera Revolution", OMD- best of, The Cure - "Disintegration", Concrete Blonde- "Bloodletting", School of Fish-eponymous, Tsunami- "Deep End", Husker Du- "The Living End", The Muffs, Juliana Hatfield- "Become What you are", Tiger Trap, Pearl Jam- 10, The Faint - "Blank-Wave Arcade" or "Danse Macabre", NIN- Pretty Hate Machine, Violent Femmes, any Sleater-Kinney album, any Dino Jr, any Pixies, any White Stripes, Weezer- Blue or Pinkerton....hmmm, maybe Pinkerton Thugs -"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of ****"....yeah, the more I think about it the harder it gets.

Also, Operation: Mindcrime is the only QR album I still own. Good Album. Empire was the only other one I had, but lost it somewhere. Are any of the other ones any good, particularly Mindcrime 2?
Ive seen Superchunk a bunch of times, most recently at the Pitchfork fest in Chicago last summer. I told my girlfriend if we ever get married, Im going to see if Superchunk will play the wedding. THE BEST live band ive ever seen, no hyperbole. It was over 100 with humidity last summer and I stood in the middle of a dirt field to see them. I love them. Seriously. Awesome band. No Pocky is my favorite, but Come Pick Me Up and On The Mouth are right there. "Revelations" from Foolish is my favorite song from the group.

Out of the rest of your list: Husker Du, Flip your Wig is one of my faves. Dino Jr. "Where you Been". Pixies, yes all their CD's are amazing. Love Bossanova, but Trompe La Monde, Doolittle or Surfer Rosa would do.

Good music is better than anything. Well, most things . Lonnie knows where Im going with this lol.

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