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08-03-2012, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Master_Of_Districts View Post
No, the Ducks weren't "easily the better team."

At best, they were even.

The Ducks had the lead for a lot of the series, and that hurts them with respect to the shot count, which invariably favors the trailing team.

But the Sharks still had more shots when the score was close. And by a fair margin too (154-122 in terms of attempted shots at EV).

If you think that the Sharks were shooting from further away, then prove it.

The data is available.
Just go back and watch the games. If they weren't shooting further away, they were shooting from terrible angles. Obviously not all the time, but way too much of their offense was low-percentage stuff. Everyone praised Hiller, but if anything he let in a couple weak ones. The Sharks were absolutely pathetic that series, it was embarassing. For all the flack they get about being playoff chokers, for the most part it isn't that accurate. Except for 2009, where they fit the bill perfectly.

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