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Originally Posted by STEVE RANDESKOGAH View Post
Vin Diesel xxx movie? I guess he's fallen on hard times and decided to take the Kim Kardashian route.....oh wait you mean the OTHER type of xXx.

But Shermy has done okay this OS, but he still didn't address our most major need (#2 defenseman). He has done a great job with the re-signings so far and I like the signing of PAP.
We still have no sniper, true coach and/or a puck moving defensemen. EJ is our best quality all round D-man, and on a cup winning roster, he's a number three (number 2 at best) D-man.

Our roster has lots of "decent" players, but we lack a true superstar.

We are not the youngest roster anymore, and we will once again have one of the lowest payrolls in the entire NHL.

I think Sherman erred with Mueller, who in my opinion, will have a good year next season. Sherman couldn't or didn't get McClement to sign on the dotted line. That's another mistake.

We are yet to sign our most productive force last season.

To suggest Sherman "has done a great job" at anything is a BIG call in my opinion.

In fact, I believe we have held water,, and will continue to be that 18th-29th placed team we have been the past three of four years under him.

Most importantly though, the clubs social media, and ability to keep fans interested / excited in the off season is as bad as I have ever seen. How many weeks do we have to see "Bernie goes over the edge"? Seriously, tackling the big issues here, Greg?

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