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08-03-2012, 03:55 AM
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hags is all about stamina. you rarely see him stop moving his legs. he has a great first step (not as great as gaborik) and an excellent top speed (not as great as kreider's). his mobility is also as good if not better than gaborik's.

we've got a great mix:
kreider has size(hopefully physicality) and the best top speed
gaborik has the best first step while keeping strong top end and mobility
hagelin has the best stamina while still maintaining an extremely strong first step and top end

nash's speed is no joke either when packaged with his size

not to mention mcdonagh and staal on d.

in just a year we went from a team that struggled immensely against fast teams to one of the fastest cores in the league.

my opinion of hagelin as a 3rd liner:
both hagelin and callahan have the ability to be permanent 2nd liners. the speed is overlooked far too easily because his shot(and passing to a lesser extent) isn't great, but the puck chase from hagelin allows gaborik and richards to get more space (or nash for that matter) to do what makes them stars in this league. i personally feel that he will have a lot of chemistry with nash who always wants the puck on his stick. personally i want to see

cally is a better finisher than hagelin. our 3rd line as it stands is likely pyatt/boyle/XX. that's already a grindy/puck possession combo with sub-par secondary scoring.

so the question is: do we add another grinder/puck possession guy to that line and make it 100% grindy OR do we put callahan there who could add 20+ goals to that line while keeping a puck chaser (who was on pace for 49 points in his rookie season) on the 2nd line?

to argue for the other side: the 3rd/4th line is much slower when the top 6 has nash/gaborik/kreider. would it be worth making the 3rd line entirely grindy to add a large chunk of speed that forces teams to be careful (despite their lack of offensive prowess)? we could have our top two lines so stacked that the other two don't need to score goals (personally don't think that is a reliable strategy come playoff time). there is also a chance that hagelin turns both boyle and pyatt into 20 goal scorers while netting 10-15 himself, but who knows. i'd put the money on cally adding more collective goal scoring.

obviously cally would be playing more minutes than most 3rd liners. taking the occasional top 6 shift in hagelin's place and spending significant time on the pp AND pk.

as far as hagelin's goals being flukes:
he's not a goal scorer, but i remember most of his goals being tap-ins. tap-ins are not by any means flukes. a tap-in means he's doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. the kid doesn't have a great shot. it's worse than stepan's. you can't expect everybody to shoot like a goal scorer(dat girardi), but at least he put 14 in attacking the crease.

Then of course there is the possibility that thomas and/or miller makes the team from camp or by the time that gaborik is healed up, then it's a whole new discussion.

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