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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
Would you say it's better to practice this at stick & puck, or public session?

I find that public session I focus on my skating more just because I have no stick or puck to distract me. But I also think that the balance etc. is quite different when skating with a stick, so I do want to be able to skate well with the stick!

A couple of months ago I was messing around at public session (wearing full gear, and the ice was pretty much empty) and I decided to do a few laps short-track style. I was able to get going at a nice clip so that one of my teammates remarked that I was amazingly fast - but why so much slower with the stick? I told her all of those things - stick, puck, changing directions, stopping suddenly, people getting in the way - slowed me down, so I really need to be fast in THOSE situations, not just on an empty rink!

I will be doing public session on Saturday, as well as instructional league Friday and Sunday, followed by a couple of games. I think I will work a lot on the crossovers this weekend and maybe that will help my confidence.

Also - I've noticed that when I go right over left, no problem. But when I try to bring my left leg over my right, it almost feels as if there's too much padding there, and it keeps me from bringing the leg over? I don't feel that the other direction. It feels almost like I'm wearing a big puffy snowsuit, and the thickness of the pants/padding/shinguards gets in the way of lifting that leg over the other. I think part of it is I may need to bend my knees more.
Depends on the rink rules governing each.Your instructional classes may have time at the end for working on individual objectives, so this could be an alternative.

You seem to have an issue with the apparel worn for skating. Speed skating apparel is lite, designed for speed. Hockey equipment is heavy, designed for protection plus you have a stick with a puck that requires feel. Work off ice, handle a ball with a stick with little movement. Pass , shoot against a wall to get a better feel. Wear hockey gloves while doing so.

Btw - how old are you?

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