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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
If you like Helloween, you might like Angel Dust, although they haven't been around for a little bit.

And Iron Maiden is great, but the best thing Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith ever did was one of Bruce's solo albums, Chemical Wedding.

(Shinedown is awful. I don't mind saying that even though one of my buddies is their bass tech. I once saw one of their rehearsals in Nashville. If I wasn't friends with this guy, I might've done something I would later regret, like shove a pen into my eardrum. )
I just bought the Accident Of Birth Album.

I need to get Chemical Wedding and I really like the song "Tears Of The Dragon".

Bruce Dickinson has such a powerful voice.

Top 6 Metal singers (in no particular order):

Bruce Dickinson
Michael Kiske
Geoff Tate
Rob Halford
Ronnie James Dio
Ralph Scheepers

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