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08-03-2012, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
trade Greene....hell no. it's been discussed and debated ad nauseum here for years now. Greene is the ONE guy on the blueline that brings and plays the way he does. hell i wish we had one more of him. playing against a D-man that you know is physical, willing to drop the gloves, can take big punishment themselves is NOT fun to play against. playing against them is like repeatedly running full speed into a brick wall - you aren't going to win that war. you may win a battle or two, but in the end they will win the war. guys like Greene just wear down the competition. they battle for and will win the fight for control of the slot, crease and corners.

i pray that Muzzin, Forbort and perhaps DesL begin to add this element to their games.

my take on the 'hometown' angle the Wild will run with is they HAVE to do it. it is the 'state of hockey' and to appeal to the fans, but to the players also they will play this up. they don't have to go stupid crazy overboard with it, but done right it can be a successful formula both at the turnstiles and attracting players.

the Stars left because of lack of support. the team struggled for years while they were there. the fans lost interest, revenue fell, the team left. why would fans continue to support a NHL club that struggled, when they have 1000's of options when it comes to hockey in MN. from youth hockey, to high school and college teams - trust me if you want to follow for and root for a team you will find one in MN.

MN fans are proud of the kids that come up through the ranks and make it. the players i recall have also made comments over the years about being glad to return home and play in front of the fans they grew up with. i remember M Cullen making this comment. i remember S Podein making a statement when he retired about 'going home'.

if the Wild can become a contender, they will have guys wanting to play for them. they will be happy to head back home and play in front of family and friends. at the same time the team itself can't limit itself to just looking at guys from the area.

all one has to do is look at the myopia that exists in Montreal when it comes to that nonsense. if your not French Canadian you don't belong there, well long-term at least. MTL i don't predict will ever be functional until they stop with all the crap involving the French aspect. the situation with R Cunneyworth last year should be an embarassment for the team and its fans.

the Wild steer clear of this type of fiasco and they will be in good shape. if there are FA's that want to sign, are from MN or have a local connection and fill/upgrade a position then you sign them. it brings them home and it gives the fans the chance to see someone they may have seen skate as a pee wee at the local rink, outside, in the middle of winter 15 years ago
You get it.

But North Stars departure is all on Norm Green, curse his name..

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