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08-03-2012, 07:50 AM
Not so fast,
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I'm 41.

I am used to the feel of the equipment now, but it's just that one area that still feels so bulky. I do think much of that is muscle memory - I've never had to do left over right crossovers, so the motion itself feels odd. Right over left, at least I'm used to making that motion and the whole idea of the knee bend and lean to the left is something that feels "right" to me. Leaning the right and pushing with the right skate towards the center just feels so absolutely WRONG. So I'm not really getting low enough to get my skate over the other one without bumping into the padding.

My Sunday night class is pretty structured, we don't have a lot of time to work on individual stuff other than during warm-ups. My Tuesday night, we usually have 15-20 minutes to warm up and skate around before starting the drills. Friday night - this is only the second time I've attended that one so I don't know what normal is, but it seems to be pretty structured, then at the end we get 10-15 minutes to just play around. There were only 5 skaters last week plus a goalie, and 2 coaches. So it may be possible for me to ask one of the coaches if they can work on that with me if the others are doing a drill I'm not really able to do yet - everyone else was obviously more advanced than me last week.

I will be doing public session tomorrow with my daughter, I always wear full gear whenever I skate just b/c I don't want to take a bad fall without it and b/c if I'm going to practice it, I want to practice it the way I'll have to do it in a game. No sense learning to do something without the extra weight/padding if I'm going to have to do it with the padding in a game situation. If it's not too busy, I can sometimes find a corner to myself and practice both directions. Otherwise, I can work on the one direction at public skates and work only on the other direction at practices/stick & puck.

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