Thread: News Article: Rebound by Miller among 6 questions
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08-03-2012, 10:37 AM
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#1 - he has to be good enough during the regular season, but his playoff form will be the key for going further than 1st round. of course he has the potential to be dominant

#2 - would be fun to see one, but i don't count on it (and i think regier should not count on it as well. 3C *cough*....)

#3 - as jimbob said: ennis is as important and equally "nr .1 C" right now, even if he is a totally different player

#4 - we have to get in a position where he can show why we bought him (very expensively) -> that means playoffs

#5 - McNabb (AHL, 1st callup), pardy/brennan (AHL, 2nd callup?) something that bothers me a little is that I don't doubt pardy would clear waivers, but I'm not sure he would clear re-entry waivers. it would suck to carry half his caphit around.

#6 - maybe enough for regular season, but against a team like the '10 bruins or '11 kings ..... but the direction is the sabres are going in terms of physicality is the right one ...

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