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Originally Posted by Thepandamancan View Post
So in my game tonight, I finally got my first penalty and almost fight as a goalie.

All game long, this one player (who is actually a good friend) got away with boarding one of my players, intentionally running into me and dislodging the net, and punched me in the face after I made a save and prevented a rebound (all in front of the referee nonetheless).

He was screening me constantly during the game and after all of that and my teammates not clearing him, I decided to step up for myself so I shoved him hard and he falls down. The shot came so I stopped it. Next thing I know he gets up and rips the mask off my face and tries to shove my head down. I get up, drop the gloves, and I'm ready to fight but we get separated. We get 2 minutes each and that's that. After the game it's hand shakes, had a good laugh about it, and some beers.

After the game I was talking to people who run the rink (they're long time refs also) and they said he should have been tossed and added that was classless/bush league to go for the mask first. My other friend however, who is a self proclaimed goalie hater, thinks this just another case of a goalie who dishes it out but don't think they should receive. I got plenty that game before the cross check and I was ready to take and give more.

I know both parties are guilty, but is either one of us more wrong? Just curious if anyone else been in/seen this situation?
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