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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Callahan, in my opinion, is a 30G scorer. The 10~13 goal difference between him and Gaborik is a considerable one, but so are the intangibles that Callahan provides. The hitting, the shot-blocking, his work on the PK, forcing turnovers, creating havoc with his forecheck, etc.

And while Callahan has missed time to injuries, they're different types of injuries. No, hip-replacement surgery where he was sidelined a considerable amount of time.

Just like every player, Callahan will inevitably decline. Just like Drury. Callahan's younger though, and he hasn't had major injuries. And all-around play blows away Gaborik's. Callahan helps this team win w/o having to show up on the stat-sheet. Can you say the same thing about Gaborik?

I'll take Callahan 10X10 times, even if we're in need of a true sniper (which we shouldn't need considering we have Nash, and possibly Kreider).

In a perfect world, you sign both Callahan and Gaborik, to contracts that suit their overall value. If you have to move one though, it's a no-brainer for me.
I think Callahan is ideally more of a 25 goal scorer. With that said, I don't think he's your top RW. That's a key difference between him and guy like Gaborik. Callahan can be the player he is because he isn't expected to be the top scoring winger or the guy who draws the focus to him.

One thing often gets overlooked with top guys is the freedom they afford those around them. That attribute doesn't always show up on their stat line, but it tends to show up elsewhere.

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