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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was hard to believe Orr was a Blackhawk. The excitement and hope that he could still play (a season or 2 would have been fantastic) even though the doctors had already proclaimed that his days were numbered. He could still play alright, in fact still dominate like he always had, but only in short stints until his knee swelled and the pain was too much and he was forced to rest it. When he did play it was easy to forget that he was playing in pain and it just kept getting worse, the rests between appearances longer. He didnít last very long as a Blackhawk but I am still happy that they gave him the chance to play. It was a sad ending and an even sadder day for hockey when the greatest player that ever played this game had to hang Ďem up at such a young age.

I thought at the time that Orr would struggle with life after that. He was so shy and didnít seem interested in the least in staying in the game that had been his entire life since before puberty But I was wrong. He has done very well for himself and it is always great to see him close to the game after all this time.
Thanks for the insight. Yeah, you look at the numbers with the Hawks and they are very good. Over PPG, must have been exciting to watch as a Hawk.

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