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Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
Bobby Ryan clearly has the most impact alongside Getzlaf and Perry, that's really all that matters.
That's not a fact, though. He had as much impact as he's had stat-wise to this day back then with them, sure. But that doesn't mean we're getting as much out of him as we can hope for.

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
You're talking about a line that dominated the league just as well as anybody since the lockout. Last year was a down year... for everyone. Actually, it's quite amazing how last year has conjured the idea (for many) that the team is destined to fail with Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf together.
I haven't forgotten how dominating that line had been. That said, PPG was a dominating line in its own, with Penner being nowhere near Ryan's talent, and before Getzlaf and Perry made further strides towards being the players they are today. And that's exactly what that is about: when Getzlaf and Perry are on, they don't need a Ryan on their wing to make a very productive line. All they need is a decently fitting complimentary player. When they are off their game, the entire line is off, and Ryan can't change that with the way they play.

By the way, I don't think this team is destined to "fail" with RPG, I just think there's plenty of reasons to believe that we'll not get as much out of this group as we could if we split them up. Most teams don't actually have their three best forwards on the same line.

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
He won't see enough time on the ice if he's being shuffled along the middle-six lines while personnel on those lines are also changing (presumably likely while we're trying to find the right place for rookies).
I don't think there's necessarily going to be too much shuffling. Palmieri is pretty set in stone in that scenario. The only question would be whether it's Bonino or Holland in between them, which I doubt would be subject of change on a daily basis, especially if Bonino gets the job, which I would guess would lead to Holland seeing some more AHL time.

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
Would you move Getzlaf down in the lineup? Perry? No.
Sure, I would. If there's a sensible way. But as of now, Getzlaf and Perry are a duo with unquestioned chemistry, plus we have no other center remotely as good. As long as they are a pair - which in my opinion is the case for a lot more of a reason than Ryan being with both of them - there's no sensible way to not see that as our top line.

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
Most would flat out reject the idea, which is why I really question the validity of the hive mind's opinion.
Personally, I think the contract controversy, outward criticism of coaching, and trade reaction from Ryan have soured the mouths of a lot of fans.
I honestly can't see that. I think the reasons for taking Ryan off that line have been explained very often, and in quite some detail. Looking at other boards than just this, I also don't see the idea being all that commonly rejected, at all.

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