Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Sabres re-sign Patrick Kaleta (3 years, $1.25M per)
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08-03-2012, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
A) I never said he was. I said he plays a hard game and crosses certain lines, not suspension-worthy lines mind you, but lines where he has to keep fighting to play the game he does. For the past two years, Buffalo hasn't had anyone to reliably accept that fight, much less win it, and therefore, Thornton plays the Sabres that much harder.

B) Yes, he does. I haven't been saying the Bruins hide behind him, I've been saying that he's able to escalate the intensity Buffalo/Boston matchups in a way that Buffalo can't replicate. Until now.

C) That's cool. But now they get to answer for it themselves a little more against Buffalo's regular guys, rather than Thornton getting sent out when Goose/Weber/whoever are trying to play tough games.


I mean, the way Boston played Buffalo was frustrating as a fan, and the Bruins are still the tougher team, but having kids like Folingo up, McNabb in the wings, and good vets like Ott and Regehr, all backed up by a legit heavyweight like Scott goes some distance to change the dynamic of the matchup. Scott lets those guys focus on Lucic, McQuaid, Marchand, etc, without having to worry about Thornton taking the extra two or more if the game is out of hand. That's the effect I'm expecting Scott to have.

What did Kaleta actually do against the Bruins? He finished a few checks on Chara. That's pretty much it. He wasn't jumping into scrums and picking on smaller, or already engaged guys a-la Marchand. Boston had no qualms crossing the line to try to keep Patty in check, or worse. I don't expect Marchand or whoever to stop running around like he does, but perhaps he's a little less brazen about the after the whistle stuff this go-round. That'll be a welcome start.

Also, stop using "fail" like it means anything. It's 2012, bruh, step your insult game up.
point a,b and c are pretty much wrong on your part again, so i dont see a point in bothering to comment on them. if you choose not to see it, so be it.

Weber shouldnt have thrown the hit after the whistle. call it minor, no big deal, or what ever you want, point is, he hit Pouliot after the whistle just as thornton was coming on the ice, so thornton responded. and you also see thornton wait to see if Weber is going to drop his gloves or not before he throws any punches. if you dont like that Weber cant fight, them blame Weber for the hit, not Thornton for the response.

gerber was being gerber, taking cheap runs at people, and again, the bruins responded. if you feel your team cant (or couldnt) handle that, then take it up with your team, not the players that respond to it.

kaleta finsihes checks, usually high, usually with some elbows up, usually a bit late. again, if you dont like the fact that your team cant respond, then they shouldnt initiate that junk.

its pretty simple, and thats the fail on your part.

more often than not, its the bruins responding to rather than ininitiating things. Bruins fan have commented on it in the past, hence the poke the bear saying. its not so much becuase of the reaction, its the fact that they can sleep walk thru games way to often unless someone does something to rile them up. (all the time, no of course not. but way to often)

you talk about Kaleta and the Sabres like they are a bunch of angels out there gettin gbullied by the bruins cause thay have more guys that can fight. they arent. What you dont seem to like is when some one calles out a sabre for there antics, they dont have anyone that can really respond (i.e. win the fight). if thats the case, then skate away.

which again, goes back to the scott issue. Most Sabres new if it ended in a fight on the ice, chances are slim they wouldnt come out on the prettier end.

guess what though, it didnt stop them from throwing late hits, or cheap hits, or the stick work, or dropping the gloves, or anything else.

Kaleta got his ass handed to him by Lucic, and he asked for every ounce of it, and was probably pretty sure of the outcome before he started.

Did Kaleta change anything about his game? nope.

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