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08-03-2012, 03:30 PM
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I'd actually really like Arnott on this team. He had 17 goals last year, which would be a massive improvement on our 3rd line C from last year. He'll likely have fast wingers to help him on defense, and he'll provide a REAL second line option for the power play. He is not terrible on the dot either.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows
Booth - Kesler - Kassian/Raymond
Higgins - Arnott - Hansen
Lapierre - Malhotra - Raymond/Kassian

We would finally have three lines that can score goals. With the addition of Garrison, our top 4 should be better as well. Schneider remains a question mark, but hopefully all sides simmer and we can keep Luongo as a safety net until Schneider proves himself.

Originally Posted by struckmatch View Post
I mean this in the most non rude way possible, but we really need to ditch Malhotra somehow.

I know it won't happen and that he's a great guy who has been through a lot, personally I couldn't be more with him, professionally as a hockey player though, it's just not going to happen for him.

I don't know how you move him or what you do with him, but that $2.5 million on your 4th line is just brutal. Not to mention the NMC.

Sedin Sedin Burrows
Booth Kesler Doan
Raymond Arnott Kassian
Hansen Lapierre Higgins

I'd love to see that...Booth sketches me out a little bit...but hopefully a healthy Kesler will prove to be valuable for him. Also don't think we can sign Doan and Arnott without ditching salary, which is where Malhotra comes in, but like I said, doubt it will happen.
I don't think the Canucks will get rid of Manny. I believe Manny will even be retained by the Canucks at the end of his contract. He had a bad year last year. A lot of players have bad years. Considering Manny's injury and the fact that he couldn't really have a full off-season training regiment, I'd like to believe that Manny will do a lot better next year.

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