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Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Most of what you said is true, but the way I see it:

3 years for Bachelors + 1 year CA program + 2 years work experience (mandatory in order to get your designation) = 6 years (usually 5 because CA students take night classes while working during their stage)

Then you factor in that:

- There is a Concordia final exam, and if you don't pass it, Concordia doesn't allow you to do the UFE (Uniform Final Exam), that's their way of keeping the pass rates incredibly high

- A lot of people fail the UFE

- In order to get a job with a CA firm, you need to network and sell yourself. It's really a cut throat industry, and you're in a service industry so you can't just be all about numbers, you need to be a good people's person.

Getting a CA is hard, I'm not even sure I'll make it. I'll let you know this September (I'll be doing recruitment, where we try to get an internship with a CA firm).
The way I see it for Engineering is you gotta take into account the harder cepep or prereqs too but i'll let it slide. What you'rre missing however is to be a true professional engineer you need 4(or 3, not sure) years of work experience after you graduate. So again, that 2 seems relatively light.

Either way, it's obvious a case can be made for both sides but I think I would find business easier.

Having done some business classes from JMSB, i'll say this much. I can read a business textbook in a day before exam and get B+, I actually did for Acco 220(it's basically financial and managerial put together and obviously the stuff of more detail is removed so in a way easier but more information) but it takes me a while to read a single chapter of an engineering book. So much ******** theory and crap, hate it. Whatever, either way, my argument is not a shot at business students, I actually intend to do an MBA when I'm done engineering. At end of the day, either are a smart career choice and my degree is like business and engineering put together anyway. I like business and if you guys make more, well more power to you right?

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