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Originally Posted by MadmanSJ View Post
Ehh, that's not really true.

I am actually surprised on a regular basis that U.S. athletes are able to compete and win on the world stage because of the living conditions enjoyed here vs. a developing nation. It seems like we have a bunch of partying college kids that go out and win golds, where in some areas it seems like the sport is the only thing that matters. I do know our athletes work hard and train relentlessly to be as good as they are, there are just more opportunities to slack off here and there and devote time elsewhere.

I also boggle at the fact that we call these people world champions, when only a very slim fraction of the world's population has attempted these sports. Can you imagine what the landscape would look like if every person was evaluated for which sports they were best at? How can you be the world champion of Curling when %.0001 of the population in the world has actually attempted it? Or the luge? You are only better than the small sample of those who have tried it.

What would all the world records look like if we indeed found the fastest people in the world.. it could be some random farmer in the middle of nowhere growing corn or rice to support his family.
Most olympc athetes take training very seriously, even the US ones. They dedicate their lives to perfecting their bodies to perform at the highest level. They have the best nutrition coaches, physial trainers, and sports scientist helping them to hone their skills. The life of an olympic level athlete is very different from a college kid that parties

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