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Originally Posted by KpopandHockey View Post
No. A random farmer doesn't have the means to compete physically with someone who spends all their time running while the farmer has to split a lot more time with other activities which the athlete doesn't have to worry about.

They are world champions because they are the best in the world. You're essentially saying that no one can be world champion of curling because not many people play it. At what point does a sport merit the ability of having the title 'world champion?' You are romanticizing the idea that there are people out there who have so much natural ability that they can compete with those who train for a specific event daily for hours.

Don't you think that a farmer who is that fast is going to try to qualify for these events so that they can support their family better?
I am not saying that you take some guy that has never trained and he will beat someone who has trained their whole life. What I am saying is that you have people all over the world that have never realized their potential or had the opportunity to do so.

Edit: For example, India was mentioned earlier. Don't you think India would have many world champions in any given sport if more people had the opportunity to do so?

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