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08-03-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by jwhitesj View Post
Most olympc athetes take training very seriously, even the US ones. They dedicate their lives to perfecting their bodies to perform at the highest level. They have the best nutrition coaches, physial trainers, and sports scientist helping them to hone their skills. The life of an olympic level athlete is very different from a college kid that parties
What I was saying is that when your back is against the wall and you only have one shot at a better life in some circumstances, you will take your training much more seriously.

There have been many studies performed on black vs. white athletes and that there is no evidence that black athletes are genetically predisposed to be better at sports. The difference for many minorities or those in underprivileged communities is that they have fewer opportunities elsewhere so it is kind of a do or die scenario.

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