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08-03-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Reign Nateo View Post
The "unproven" comment is very annoying around here...

That's why you have GM's to make desicisons, who utilize their pro scouts and staff to make choices and acquire players they see as fits for their organization. It's called foresight. It's much cheaper to acquire these players at this stage then wait for them to blow up and then try to get them.

Of course he's unproven at the NHL level, you don't need to say it every second post! It's obvious, the point is you scout a player and decide whether you think he fits your team/needs, GMs don't just sit there saying "no, he's unproven, we'll wait for something else." That's what the OP is touching on here. They trust the people within their organization to make informed decisons.

People around here called Lindback unproven, did that stop Yzerman and the Lightning? Halak had a lot to prove according to the masses, did that stop the Blues? Schneider is probably still considered unproven, but it didn't stop Gillis from giving him a sizeable 4 year contract.

Sorry, end rant, just see it all the time and it's annoying. Not neccisarily just in the Lack case, but overall. You have to think a little deeper instead of just saying "he's unproven" try to offer a little more to the discussion.
Thank you.

Yakupov has proven nothing as well, so why is Edmonton willing to pay him 3.775mil next season? Lack has proven that he can excel in pro hockey, and has shown every indication that he will be a starter in the NHL. At his age, that is enough "proof" for a GM to go after him should they be high on him.

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