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08-03-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by TCDaniels View Post
This is EXTREMELY difficult...

My List if we can NOT use Greatest Hits Albums
(which - for the record, I think should be the way it's done...)

1. Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
2. The Beatles: Abbey Road
3. Mark Knopfler: Shangri-La or Golden Heart
4. Chet Atkins and Les Paul: Chester and Lester - Guitar Monsters
5. Alexandre Dumas: The Counte of Monte Cristo (audiobook)
6. Pink Floyd: probably Dark Side... Or the Wall... or Atom Heart Mother. But probably Dark Side...
7. Robert Cray: Strong Persuader or I Was Warned
8. Steve Howe: Not Necessarily Acoustic
9. Sheryl Crow: Wildflower
10. Tony Bennett: Perfectly Frank

Wow - there's a lot left off... I've left off most of my all-time favorite bands...
Would be nice if it were possible.

Ferinstance, while a well crafted album can be a perfect piece of art that can be a conduit for whatever emotion that it invokes in you, guys like James Brown never made a "great" album per se, but had some absolute killer tracks that compiled are necessities for me. He has two defining careers, the King Years and the Polydor/People years, of which I can't imagine not having a greatest hits package on a DID for without James Brown and his JB's? I'd rather die.

Chuck Berry is another one, as is Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sly Stone and Elvis. Seriously, can you name me an Elvis LP that is a killer work of art or would you rather go for the complete Sun years of his singles and b-sides?

You also have bands like Zep, Beatles and Stones that put out so many good LPs, how can you pick just one?

Again, this is impossible endeavor.....I'd go nuts, or at least go down with the ship if I had to decide which 10 I'd have to choose.

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