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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Seems like quantity for quality.
Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Another handful of nickels for a quarter proposal. These rarely go over well.
Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
As an oiler fan I won't comment on that deal. But sens need to add for the second. It is quantity for quality
I cringe everytime I see comments like those. The majority of trades involving multiple players fall into the "quantity for quality" category. The "one for one" type deals happen far less often.

In a "one for one" trade, teams usually swap players of similar caliber to address each team's need.

In a multi-player (quantity for quality) deal, a team is trying to address a desperate need or wants to acquire a coveted player who will have a considerable impact but only has or is only willing to offer several potentially good pieces. The team entertaining the offer is often in a dispute with the said coveted player (ie: Heatley) or has so many needs that it is worth gambling on the potential of turning that one asset into multiple NHL caliber players (now or near future).

The prevailing logic on HF is that all deals must fall in the "caliber for caliber" category. Thankfully most GMs subscribe to the "your offer must address my need(s)" mentality.

This is a corny analogy but hopefully illustrates my point:

You, your wife and kid are facing a vending machine on a really hot day and all you have in your pocket is a $10 silver coin which the machine won't accept. Someone offers you three $2 coins for your $10 coin. Hardly fair value yet it would address your need to acquire 3 bottles of water which you desperately need. The other guy gets the one coin that is missing in his collection.

BTW, my comment is not specifically targeting the proposal made in this thread as I have no comment on it.

Originally Posted by ShootIt View Post
Does Ottawa really need Gudbranson? I thought they had a nice pool of NHL ready/close to ready defensemen.
No, au contraire, the defense is the only weakness we have, in terms of prospects that is.

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