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08-03-2012, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Hkysct View Post
Assistant coach and my girls have long since hung up the skates, although one was a goalie and i was a frustrated father. Haha. I agree that the coaches could care less about Adams and the scoring title. I only brought that up because Adams has never been known to have a scoring touch. If anything he's known to have wheels for legs and bricks for hands but maybe everything is starting to come together for him. At least based on his performance this weekend. For the record, I wasn't counting individual goalie shots, just team shots with a golf counter in each hand. I don't have the time or inclination to know which goalie got more shots but throwing teams together that are not evenly matched is not fair to the goalies and at the end of a tryout I like to know which way the ice was tilted. It must have been tilted somewhat since the goalies were redistributed. Where Matt played last year is important to me because I was sent to specifically watch him, having missed out on the opportunity last year because he was at notre dame. I expected more based on him playing on the top team and the level of coaching and ice time he would have received. He didn't appear to be comfortable with the puck. I agree based on past play that he has the potential to be in the top three dmen, but he has much work to do to take that title now. Reality is that Paul should have really progressed with the abundance of icetime and the, one would expect, better coaching and i just didnt see it. He is still top three or four, i just thought he would be number one with a bullet. Last thing; Vance is a much better forward than dman. Expect to see him change positions in the near future and really open up some eyes. He's more comfortable and he's also happier there. He could conceivably be the quintessential power forward. My apologies to hockey jockey if I insulted one his friends or debased his opinion. No question there is a serious issue on this site in that anyone can join and anonymously parade their son. I suggest showing some form of team credentials before being given admittance but have no idea how that would be maintained. I do however don't expect to ever post an opinion based on several decades of coaching and mentoring and have my opinions compared to that of an angry goalie dad. Perhaps this thread is more for the hockey dads and less for the true hockey administrators.
Vance will have to improve his foot speed to be a top player in either the D or F role at the next level. Someone also has to get him to stop running around and hitting with his hands.

Don't get too worked up folks, if everyone agreed, there would be nothing to talk about.

I missed the third game, Paul, Tompkins and Goguen were moved to the other team to balance them out I was told. They all looked ok to me on Thursday. I didnt know there was a scoring race.. who were the top ones?

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