Thread: News Article: Rebound by Miller among 6 questions
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08-04-2012, 12:10 AM
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The way the questions should read;

1) tale of 2 goalies - Will Miller be consistent or have a 2 month stretch sub .900 save%.

Has more to do with question 6 then Miller who is who we thought he was. Great when he's not being a head case.

2) Will either first rounder be forced into top 6 responsibility?

If either makes the team to play 12 mins a night and maybe some special teams play I can handle that. Expecting them to be the answer for a 3 scoring line cup contender only sets us up to fail.

3) Will center by committee be good enough to allow the D to control the play?

The strength of this roster lines up along the blueline. However when injuries build up the centers need to take the load off the replacements. Hodgson especially will be crucial on the special teams. As of right now I think he will be asked to PK and PP. While I dont think success is based on his play they need him to perform in big spots so little Tyler Ennis doesn't need to.

4) Leino I hate you. Please play better or find a suitable care fire to move into.

5) whatever I don't know Pardy let him go wherever. Just don't let the odd man out get in the way of McNabb.

6) Will this team wilt at the first sign of pressure?

The sand paper element, in my opinion, is not required to win. However the Sabres culture is more of a when things get tough we head the other way. Is there enough grit to keep this teams head above water when **** hits the fan? When Miller has a mid season coffee break or Myers decides to dance among the posies is the mental toughness there to bring the team back in line. Since Briere (who would say F it and have a 4 point night to save us) and Drury (captain America) left us this team has been unable to self correct a tail spin. Old Lindy Ruff hasn't ever been able to do and has relied on his captains all the way back to Peca to pull the team put of the gutter. Unfortunately without a Doan signing I just don't see any leadership capable of correcting another tail slide. The season rests on how long the slump lasts this year, maybe we get lucky and they play the perfect season.

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