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08-04-2012, 12:20 AM
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the thought of us having a guy who can beat a goalie clean from 40 feet out with a wrist shot makes me a little giddy. i dont think we've ever had a more legit sniper, though an argument has to be made for both shanny and sanderson. they had none of semin's raw skill, but had lethal shots both. we've had some fancy pants guys, and guys like the aforementioned pair who could shoot, but never someone with such a deadly combination. ive never seen a more deadly offensive player in my time play for us. jstaal is all set to be one of our most dominating players, but he's likely to be a second fiddle next year to watching semin. how many highlight goals have we scored in the last decade? its embarrassing, especially when you watch some of the goals guys like this score against us. we've been so starved for legit talent skinner is a god on this team. now he can take a back seat a bit and learn to play without having so much pressure on him to be a stud so young.

while i struggle to believe the defense we have will take us far, other than the season when oneill and shanny were coming ive never had a true sense of anticipation before like this one. this will be fun to watch, regardless of success. we wont be boring again.

will muller give semin his wish and let him penalty kill? ive always been a fan of putting your most dangerous players out there. if you want to see a dman hesitate on the point put the guy most likely to turn him into a sportcenter highlight all over his butt instead of the guy most likely to chip it past him and change (spotlight on you, dwyer). our penalty kill has always been so generally conservative and boring. this year was an improvement that way, id love to see a guy like this get a shot. with so many top 6 forwards, let estaal play there. everyone who can scare a pp to mess up against. i loved LA doing it. your best players carrying you through all times. let the dogs out.

really looking forward to us vs tbl. barn burners. cats and dogs, living together. total chaos.

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