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Originally Posted by Ben Dover View Post
One of Hay's biggest mistakes was not rewarding players for good play. Connolly was (arguably) our best forward throughout the tournament, he was great on both sides of the ice, controlling the play in the offensive zone, and yet he wouldn't even sniff power play time. Pearson and Schiefele were spoon-fed minutes, and weren't doing anything with them. Although, Stones unit was usually pretty good.
100% agreed. I can't recall if I've done so on hfboards, but I've been on record when talking to my friends, family and co-workers that I was never a huge fan of Connolly. His personality is something that might take some getting used to, but even then I was shocked at how he did not even seem interested when Tampa called his name.

Despite this, as questionable as his attitude was/is, what is unquestionable is his talent. He has the hands, the shot, and the skating, and heading into this World Junior he had NHL experience to boot. Mistake number one was turning him into something he was not, something that Faidh pointed out as an overall issue with how the roster was handled. Despite this, I can understand why a coach would maybe want someone like Connolly to prove him that he can take the role and work his way up. Connolly responded with consistent play on a checking line while doing stuff like this:

How does he get rewarded? He gets nothing. Meanwhile, players that were doing nothing whatsoever to justify their ice time, like those you mentioned, were kept ahead of him on the depth chart. It made no sense whatsoever.

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