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08-04-2012, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
I still find it difficult to view Semin as anything other than a mercenary. If this is really the first stop in rebuilding his image as a team player, I look forward to being won over. Suffice it to say, I believe a lot of what was said about Semin has some degree of articulation to it. I will reserve full judgement about him until I see what he is like here, in our environment, where it's easy to rebuild your public image without the scrutiny of being asked daily questions about why you had a falling out with your last place of business. If there is any place to do CPR on his image, it's here and I hope he takes that seriously. If not, as mercenaries go, he's an effective one. Hopefully if the worst happens, he can score his goals and stay out of the way and not spoil something really special we've got going here.

It's not going to take much to endear him to the Hurricanes faithful, and that is a gift to him. But in order to keep it, he's going to have to give something of it back. I hope he's up for it.
There's a lot of truth in what you typed, but if he didn't want to at least TRY to fix his image, he'd have bolted for Russia already.

The fact he stayed speaks to his character and willingness to win at the NHL level.
The fact he took less money and less term than he could've gotten in Russia speaks to his character
The fact he made all the right noises about wanting to kill penalties, and be a team player speaks to his character
The fact he took a HUGE leap, and joined a team that no one else on can speak Russian (except maybe Tlusty) speaks to his wanting to be independant and become his own player

In Washington he was always at best 2nd fiddle, and at worst anywhere from 3rd to 7th. Here he has a legitmate shot to be the best player on this team. And I'm more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for now at least. Not even speaking as a homer, but just as a guy, who were I in his shoes, would like the same courtesy extended me.

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