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Brewer is the counterpart to Marc-Andre Bergeron. While Bergeron is used predominantly in offensive situations where he can be useful while minimizing his defensive failings, Brewer plays the defensive shifts. The combination of Brewer and Bergeron is essentially the equivalent of on all star level defenceman except that it takes two roster spots.

I'd toss the article for mentioning that, in the writer's opinion, Boucher has done a good job of getting the best out of both players. Maybe Bergeron, but getting crap out of **** is still crap.

Not to mention that no matter the number of players it takes to create a Frankenstein all-star defenseman, if it's not one guy, it's not an all-star defenseman.

Zdeno Chara is the exception that proves the rule, but he's more of a literal Frankenstein monster, having been stitched together from other 'forgotten' smaller defensemen.

Anyone remember Bruno St. Jacques? He's a part of Chara now.

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