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Originally Posted by Der Jaeger View Post
Fair enough. There are differences. The biggest difference being "yet," as in Hodgson hasn't done what Drury did yet.

But they are similar enough to compare them, as well.
I think we are mostly in agreement and are talking past each other now.

I share your opinion that Hodgson has shown some Drury like qualities and I feel he can develop into a similar type of player.

My issue was with this comment

Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
While Ennis certainly has similar creativity, size and shiftiness to Briere, comparing Hodgson to Drury is a stretch. Even during Drury's early years, he demonstrated leadership qualities and clutch ability. Hodgson hasn't shown either consistently....yet.

My point was its unfair to compare Drury's early NHL years to Hodgson's to this point of his career because they aren't really comparable situations. Plus going forward they wont really be in comparable situations. I'm not talking about their traits as players.

1) Drury earned his NHL rep in his first 4 seasons in the NHL as a 22-25 year old. Hodgson is 22 and is just now entering that phase of his career.

2) Drury developed that rep as a secondary player (3rd line center) over 4 years on one of the best teams in the NHL playing behind two hall of fame centers (Sakic/Forsberg) and on teams loaded with leadership. Hodgson in the next phase of his career will be asked to be a top 6 center and a young leader. Something Drury never had to do in his first 4 seasons with the talent and leadership those Avalanche teams had.

Basically Hodgson has a much bigger task ahead of him than Drury did at a similar point of his career. That means he will likely experience more noticable hiccups in his development in these next few years than Drury did at the same time in his career. Meaning those that want to further criticize the idea that they are comparable players will have more ammo to work with. Even though its not entirely fair and the situations are different.

Ironically if Hodgson had stayed in Vancouver he would have been in a somewhat similar situation to the one Drury had in his first 4 years.

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