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08-04-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperGenius View Post
I don't get the Dansk love. He wasn't even the best goalie in prospect camp. I've always voted these things based on what I've seen + potential. Dansk will be very good, but he isn't as close to realizing that as others.
Voted Dansk, add Korpisalo

I'll explain my reasoning for Dansk, it might help you see what people are thinking:

Dansk is a big goalie, who, admittedly, has a ways to go from being an NHL caliber player. Certainly, he was not the #1 rated goaltender in this draft by any means, however, most people had him exactly where he went, which was the beginning of the second round, third goaltender picked overall. The reason I put Dansk ahead of a guy like Calvert is because of his upside. Oscar Dansk definitely projects as a high level starting goalie, possibly in 3-4 years he could be our answer to a guy like Cory Schneider or Tuukka Rask if he's brought along correctly. A guy we can put in the net every night that will give us a chance to win. Matt Calvert, if his upside is reached, is a second/third line player. Yes, I'm a big fan of Matt Calvert, and he is certainly closer to the NHL than Dansk is, but Dansk could be a special player for us.

This is also my reasoning for voting Joonas Korpisalo into the next poll. I think his upside is slightly lower than Dansk's (does that work as a plural?), but he does still have the potential to turn into a #1a type goalie for us in a few years. Essentially, these two are the top goaltending prospects we've had since Steve Mason, and both could be very good players.

Or, they could both completely bust, and we'll all be looking back at this list and wondering why more of us didn't vote for one of the other guys on the list.

EDIT: And I sure hope everyone isn't judging him solely on his prospect camp performance. There are so many tangibles in those short camps that it's really hard to get a good feel on a guy. In game action is where I do the bulk of my scouting, as that's when you see what a player is truly made of. A guy like Ryan Murray, who wasn't wholly impressive at the camp, is a guy who can think the game way ahead of everyone else, and thus doesn't need to be flashy or quick to be effective.

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