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08-04-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Kevin27NYI View Post
Well, he is. He was tied for 4th last season with non other then Henrik Sedin.

Weird, you can relate those skills and styles to Tavares, in fact, a lot do.

John Tavares alone can not carry the Isles up the standings. It's a team sport, he can't be out there the whole game, he can't be in every spot at once. I'm getting tired of hearing this, in his third season he was 4th among centers and 7th among everyone in scoring, how much more can he do?

He needs better secondary scoring so that if his line isn't producing they aren't getting shut out. He needs better D that can actually move the puck up the ice, he needs more stability in net with no 3 goalie rotations or Red Light Ricky in net. Isles got Lubo and have Nabby on another year so some of it is being fixed. There are long term solutions for all three.

Do people rag on Stamkos for not being able to carry his team to the playoffs this past season? Of course not, he did all he could and ended up hitting the 60 goal mark.
Stop being hypocritical,

I gave full credit too what JT has acomplished to date. He has had ONE ppg season and is a star young player.

But if he gets credit for being a ppg player then Kesler gets credit for being a selke winning 40 goal scorer..

You cant have it both ways either you have to put the numbers up consistently (sedins) or you get credit based on one years performance/potential (kesler/JT)

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