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08-04-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
This is one of two things I'd like to see changed so that guys like Murphy can play in the AHL. The other is allowing guys who stay in college 4 years to become free agents (like Schultz just did). Seems odd to penalize a team that allows a guy to continue to develop in college vs. trying to force him to turn pro.
Yep. I doubt the CHL will eliminate NCAA to CHL transfers as long as the CHL can benefit while the NCAA can't (and that's something the NCAA should change their rules on to allow them to strike back). But it would be spectacular if the NHL-CHL agreement was modified if not flat out nullified, and the NCAA loophole was closed. IMO if you play at the NCAA level but refuse to sign with the team that drafted you either after jumping to the CHL or playing all 4 years, you should be subject to draft re-entry instead of getting to pick your team.

IMO losing the rights that teams had over drafted European "project" players really hurt as well. It's led to the draft being FAR more NA biased then it used to be.

Bring back the 9 rounds. Close the NCAA loophole. And either bring back the old euro draftee rules or extend it to 4 years (NCAA term).

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