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08-04-2012, 03:48 PM
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Switching from open-faced to closed-face curve (PP96 Bouchard)

Hi everyone,

I'm going to buy a Sher-Wood T90 soon, and I'd like to change my curve. I currently use a Nexon 6, 90 flex, PP09 Ryan curve, and I also have an 11k, 85 flex, with a PP20 Drury Sher-Wood replacement blade (I guess the Reebok equivalent is the P36 Phaneuf). I'm 19 years old, 5'9/170 lbs, and I play defense in an adult league once a week.

I'm considering getting the T90 with a PP96 Bouchard curve. The main reason I want to change curves is that my wrist shots go a little high with the Ryan and especially the Drury. I like them both because they give my slapshots a nice zip and some good elevation, but as a defensive/two-way defenseman whose offensive output comes mainly from the blue line, I'd like my slapshots and blue-line wristers to naturally go a little lower to produce rebounds and deflections. I'm just afraid that switching to the PP96, which has a closed face, will take away some of the zip from my slapshots. Does anyone have experience with this particular curve, or experience with switching from an open-face curve to a closed face?

Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate any insight you can provide.

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