Thread: Speculation: Press conference for signings?
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08-04-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
I won't dispute this post, you make good points. However, Feaster has admittedly said that he is not a hockey guy (sorry I don't have a link). And IMO there's nothing wrong with that. Feaster is a student of the game as you say, and he has surrounded himself with hockey people.

I am a General Manager of a Wholesale store and I majored in business. Both of the owners where I work have the same background in business, and neither of us have specialized in the trade of the industry we are in. We have hired people in the industry that are experts and rely on them heavily and learned lots from them about their trade. We focus on running the business side of things and everything works extremely well. This is kind of how I see the Flames being run.
great response. I guess I`m use to so many fans attacking the guy, I felt the need to take a stand... In this case, it was not warranted. I made my own assumption (which was wrong.)

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