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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i appreciate you fixing it, but i still think it was Fletcher who expected player juggling.

yes, of course not until camp but what of it? sounds like the plan is to not plan for anything until camp because you don't know what is going to happen (injuries, specific player efforts) but he's expecting some over-achievers. I'm sure he isn't talking about the established players there so it leads me to believe he is expecting to have to move someone.
That's desperately reaching to try come to the same unfounded conclusion Russo did. From your own quote:

If everyone plays to their level of expectations or even exceeds it or if everyone's healthy, then yeah, we're going to have a lot of players and that may make sense. But it just never happens that way.
Let's make our decisions based on what happens as opposed to what we think we'll see.
Even the part you bolded doesn't strongly imply anything other than "after camp we might consider it, but right now we're not touching anything." In fact, from Fletcher earlier in the article:

Just let things play out. Let's just see where we're at before we start making moves.
He's very explicit that he will not be making any moves before camp is over. And just the final nail in the coffin:

Fletcher says he literally has nothing going right now in terms of trade talk with other teams.

Edit to add: When's the last time a trade has actually occurred after camp but before the season? Trades in October and November are almost unheard of. Things sometimes start to open up in December, but those are still extremely rare. The players we go into camp with will be the players we come out of it with outside of promotions/demotions/waiver claims.

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