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08-04-2012, 06:41 PM
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First of all.... boarding in a no-check beer league game? BEGINNER LEAGUE nonetheless?! Who the hell does this guy think he is, and where does he think he's playing? Your "friend" literally "punched" you in the face after you made a save? What kind of craply officiated league do you play in? If a guy ever punched a goalie in the face in my league they would be thrown out of the game immediately... ESPECIALLY in the D-League! And last but not least, you "friend" runs you intentionally? Dislodging the net in the process? Are you kidding me?

Either you are severely exaggerating this or you don't know what the definition of a "friend" is. I can't believe this guy got away with all of this in a beginner adult league game. I would've been hounding the refs to wake the eff up. This guy you're talking about sounds like a complete insane-o and it sounds like he's going to end up hurting someone. Personally, I would see him after the game and give him a piece of my mind and whatever happens after that... happens.

The fact that he's a ref himself makes it even worse. What a complete D-bag.

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