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Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
Look back further in the thread and you'll see a Vancouver fan using the word "let." I'm fairly certain he thinks Gillis has the power to keep Edler there.
Split hairs? Fine, but if/when you're misunderstood you'll know why.

Frankly, I don't care what word you use, but I'm going to have to believe you know what words you're typing and use what YOU put down as your meaning. And if you knew what you meant, they why did you use the word "let" to begin with? Why not just use words to convey what you mean?
I use the word "let" as in: "Gillis will do everything in his power to keep Edler". I understand that Edler cannot be FORCED to stay. If you want to continue nitpick my choice of words, then go ahead.

You're really splitting hairs in hopes that Edler will come play with Ehrhoff...

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