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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The result: By trading Rivet, we forfeited the first round playoff exit cherished by the anti-tankers in order to pick up two futures: Gorges and Pacioretty.

I am confident that Gainey didn't believe he was forefeting the playoffs that year by making that move. I bet if he thought the Rivet trade would make the difference he wouldn't have pulled the gun.

If it's ok to do that by accident, then it's ok to do it intentionally.
Look, you have presented your position in a reasonably articulate manner. I personally disagree with you on the first point on your four point plan expressed earleir but am generally on board with the rest of it.

I appreciate that you have made your position in a fair manner. But this is, IMO, intellectually dishonest. Rivet was a golden situation. He wasn't even in the lineup when he was dealt. I don't think you'll find anyone, "tankers" or these supposed "anti tankers," who would disapprove of trading a guy in that position, (basically an extra, unneeded player) for a 1st and a prospect.

Given current context, if the team is muddling in February, you think anybody here would be upset if we traded, say, Gionta, for a 1st +? Of course not.

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