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Originally Posted by turkinaa View Post
80 isn't bad, but when they try to push the boxes saying you get redemptions they're being dishonest. I told every one I found selling the boxes that the redemption were gone for BSB and they had no idea (except for one dealer - which made about 1 of 4). There aren't a lot of dealers left with it, but I strongly dislike how they push products at the ignorance of the shopper.

Case in point: someone went to the ITG table with a BSB box which they had just purchased from a dealer (I'm guessing it was one who had it for 85, said it was a hot seller, and I told several of the people working there that they were out of the BSB cards) and was totally surprised that they were out of the redemption cards. They did get a Bryz card which was very nice, but seemed dissapointed that they spent the money on a product possibly relying on the dealer saying you could get a redemption card. Of course I could be totally wrong since I found a Bryz redemption BTP card on eBay from a seller in Maryland so maybe the guy was only after reselling the redemption card.

This product though is going fast, not just for the redemption, but also because it was a short print and prices could easily go up.
Eh. Technically they aren't being dishonest. The redemption is still going. You can redeem a box and get memorabilia card out of it, its just not from the Broad Street Boys set. For whats it worth, the Between the Pipes set is pretty good. But I understand why you and others would be upset. Especially anyone who doesn't collect and only did it because they are Flyers fans.

I managed to redeem 5 boxes on friday before they ran out and got pretty lucky with the redemption cards. Came out with a Briere/Bryz/Giroux/Coburn quad and a Brasher Game Used Orange.

I came back this morning with two more boxes and found out then that they had run out. Like many, I was a bit upset, but it was offset by the the Patrick Roy jersey card I got out the redemption, plus I found a dealer selling the broad street boys cards individually. $50 got me 20+ Silvers, 8 Golds, 4 autos and a jersey. Pretty happy with that buy.

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