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08-04-2012, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrescupbound View Post
There's no need for facts here bud. What Ryan said has no merit because everyone knows what he really wants, and that's to stay a Duck.

In all actuality nobody knows what Ryan wants. I wish people would stop explaining his feelings and how he really wants to stay, unless he calls people on this board personally and explains his feelings and situation. All anybody knows is he vented his frustration hence all the trade talk. If he wants to stay great. If he gets moved the Ducks aren't gonna get a winger as good + a second line center + a first round draft pick + whatever else can get thrown in like most Duck fans want. If it worked that way the Ducks would have traded him a long time ago.
Let's get that knee bandaged up.

There is so much wrong here. Here are the facts, if you kept up you'd know that Ryan has explained his own feelings on the subject, and he's given people stick for interpreting his comments the way that you seem to think that we're foolish to.

Look, we don't want what you're selling. It's not because we think you need to add more or the value isn't there, or some other straw man you might tug out of your rhetorical bag of tricks.

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