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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
We don't know. But we know what he says. And that's more than we know from one interview, and especially more from one out-of-context quote, that most non-Ducks fans build their case upon. There's many reports that say Ryan has not and is not requesting a trade. Why that's not enough to some, I don't know. Actually, I kind of do, because Ryan's an attractive target, which everyone would love to see on the market, especially at a lowered price due to a trade demand.

I don't see that that's ever been requested. The most important asset in a deal should be the young guy with very good second lind center potential - like it always has been rumored to be our asking price, between Couturier, Schenn, Johansen, and whoever. It's expected to be a young guy, not one that's on his level, or really close at this point (like all of those examples). I don't think those exaggerations get us any further.
Really!? I've read hundreds of proposal's and there 99.999% the same. It always ends with a Ducks fan saying that's not good enough and almost always want a trade that's so overvalued for Ryan you'd think there trying to trade Gretzky.

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