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08-04-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrescupbound View Post
I'm trying to sell a dose of reality. If Ryan said every things all better then great, but I've never heard anything. Your own blogger stated that he is disgruntled and nothings really been heard, so how can you pretend to be inside Ryans mind and know exactly what he wants? Heck, I love my team but I couldn't tell you what there thinking. I don't know if they love playing for Buffalo. As a fan, I hope they do, but I'm not gonna get on here and pretend to tell you what they think.

The only thing worse then that these past few weeks of all this Ryan talk is how Ducks fans expect triple the value in return if a trade is made. If the Ducks do move Ryan it will be because Ryan wants to get moved. If that's the case, Murry will have to get what he can get for him. No teams going to dismantle there roster and there future for Ryan. If's he stays then all this can finally go away.
Even if Ryan was disgruntled with being a Duck, this doesn't effect his value to other teams. Ryan can't control where he wants to go since he doesn't have a NTC/NMC. Ducks can shop him around to 29 other teams in the league and pick out the best value. People are just getting their hopes up.

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