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08-05-2012, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by WG View Post
Look, you have presented your position in a reasonably articulate manner. I personally disagree with you on the first point on your four point plan expressed earleir but am generally on board with the rest of it.

I appreciate that you have made your position in a fair manner. But this is, IMO, intellectually dishonest. Rivet was a golden situation. He wasn't even in the lineup when he was dealt. I don't think you'll find anyone, "tankers" or these supposed "anti tankers," who would disapprove of trading a guy in that position, (basically an extra, unneeded player) for a 1st and a prospect.

Given current context, if the team is muddling in February, you think anybody here would be upset if we traded, say, Gionta, for a 1st +? Of course not.
And we were in a quite particular situation, both Souray and Rivet having expiring contracts and the team, almost no cap space.

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