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08-05-2012, 03:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Devilspuppet666 View Post
Just curious on what people that have seen him more than 5 times a year think of him... i a huge fan of what i saw when i did see him, so what do you guys expect him to be:

1) next year
2) 5 years down the road
3) at the peek of his career
as a huge OEL fan im partial. i had high expectations for him this last season and he blew those out of the water. You have to respect the maturity of his game. last season he had to get used to the speed of the nhl game the smaller ice surface. most impressive isnt his 13 goals...its his confidence moving the puck under heavy pressure. the kid has hands, he has a fairly hard shot and hes strong in his own zone. not surprising he lead the team in ice time during the playoffs. but he fits in the tippet system perfectly because he plays smart. how many times did we see jovo get burned jumping into a play when he didnt have a person to cover? you rarely see that from 20 OEL. and i think that wins over tippet. he doesnt take stupid chances.

1---next season. team MVP but still underrated by most of the NHL.
2---5 years from today he will be 26yo. and getting PAID. sure next season he will sign a nice contract but by the time hes 26...could be a multi year allstar. break several team most goals in a season by a phx d man.
3--hopefully still in phoenix

going back to his draft Victor hedman was picked 2nd overall. he has yet to score more than 5 goals in a season. i think 23 points. and OEL in his first full season has 13 goals 32 pts. the only media person who really cheered phoenix's pick of OEL was Craig Button on tsn. Victor has great skills but i think during the draft year he was more lauded because of his size. at 6'6 you look at him and think...Pronger.

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